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2 Large Crystal Candlestic Holder


Crystal Candlestick Holders Set


Monterosa Scented Candle

An intense scent, like fire reflected on ice, contained within flaming pink and red zigzags. 11 oz | 312 g; burn time 80 hours; cover/plate included.

Architettura Room Fragrance

Part of the Fornasetti Profumi collection, this ceramic vessel features the designer’s famous Architettura motif, inspired by the façade of a Milanese palace in sober black and white. This eye-catching and impressive design by Fornasetti certainly stands out on this ceramic vessel, and makes for a decorative, office accessory. The top lid resembles the dome of the building. Perfumer Olivier Polge took his inspiration from the Mediterranean herbs in Fornasetti’s garden and the wood used to create the furniture in the artist’s home. The result is a spicy scent of thyme, lavender and the earthy aroma of cedarwood and incense.

Bianconero, Scented Candle

Notes of Tarroco orange, bay leaves, peppercorn, Florentine leather blend with cedar and a hint of black espresso to create this elegant, creamy scented candle that was concocted by Apothis for the Missoni Home Collection. Part of the Italian brand’s home collection, the Bianconero scented candle is housed in a glass container with the iconic black and white graphic and logo detail. Lid/Coaster included.

Drunken Monkeys Scented Candle

Spicy notes of scimmie thyme, lavender and cedarwood are the focus point of ‘Scimmie’ - or ‘Drunken Monkeys’ - scented candle. The warm and spicy aroma mixes well with the playful ceramic vessel that features a drunken monkey sitting among Fornasetti’s collection of glasses and a bottle of champagne.

Fior di Bacio Scented Candle

Interpreted as ‘the best of kisses’ this scented candle from Fornasetti Profumi is a floral fragrance with hints of ivy, white rose, orange blossom, sandalwood and jasmine. The decorative ceramic canister comes with a lid and features Lina Cavalieri’s face with flowers in her mouth and mutli-color floral motifs.

Flora Room Fragrance

Not only is this fragrance mesmerizing and beautiful, but so it this decorative ceramic vessel that features the iconic Lina Cavalieri in the guise of Flora, goddess of fertility. It features the signature scent, Flora di Fornasetti, inspired from the Ortensia plants growing in the Via Bazzini garden outside Milan – a white floral bouquet of lily of the valley, ivy, iris, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and musk. Makes for a home accessory or an exceptionally thoughtful gift.

Il Serpente Del Giardino Small Scented Candle

This ‘Giardino Segreto’ scented candle from Fornasetti Profumi will transport you to dreamy Italian gardens – allow yourself to be tempted by the serpent in the lush, green garden. Think cedar wood, ivy, bergamot and cypress tree freshness together with the aroma of lush greenery cascading down Tuscan stone walls. The ceramic canister is a work of art in itself. Go ahead, show it off and intoxicate your guests with noble hospitality

L’Ape (The Bee) Scented Candle

Concocted by master perfumer Olivier Polge from Fornasetti’s atelier in Milan, the aromatic ambience of this powerful fragrance will fill your room with freshness and energy. Top notes of thyme and lavender merge with birch, incense, toru balsam, oorris and cedarwood. The experience continues long after the candle emits its last aromatic fuse. The decorative ceramic vessel can be used to stock homemade biscotti or sweets

Laguna Scented Candle

The scents of the lagoon enclosed between the stratified layers of the currents in blue and turquoise tones. 11 oz | 312 g; burn time 80 hours; cover/plate included.

Malachite Scented Candle

Aromas of malachite pine, clary sage, patchouli, amber and galbanum come together to ignite your senses and invigorate your soul. Inspired by the Byzantine basilicas, this beautiful ceramic vessel resembles the natural mineral inclusions of the malachite stone, painted in rich green and notes of black and gold.

Mani (Hands) Scented Candle

This decorative ceramic vessel features the ‘Otto’ scent, created by master perfumer Olivier Polge alongside Fornasetti’s son, Barnaba. The scent captures the essence of the Fornasetti family home and gardens, registering significant herbs and the woods of the interior spaces. The base note of incense infuses a dream-like dimension to Fornasetti’s graphic poetry on the ceramic vessel, a decorative and playful addition to your living space.

Maremma Scented Candle

The fragrances of the Tuscan soil enclosed in a Greek key motif in the shades of nature. 11 oz | 312 g; burn time 80 hours; cover/plate included.

Mediterraneo Scented Candle

The ‘Mediterraneo’ scented candle captures the magnificence of the Mediterranean Sea. Think calm, balmy waves kissing the shore, merging with mineral rocks and white cedar while birch leaf, lavender and Calimyrna fig dance in the air. This creamy candle has been concocted by Apothia for the Missoni Home Collection and is poured into official Missoni Home glass vessel featuring signature pattern