Candles & Fragrance

Silenzio Large Scented Candle

This aromatic candle is a signature Otto fragrance created by master perfumer Olivier Polge, and captures the essence of thyme, lavender, cedarwood, tolu balsalm, incense and labdanum, adding an air of abundance to the home. Presented in a glazed, black and white ceramic vessel - ideal for collectors – this large, scented candle depicts the lithographic image of Fornasetti’s muse, Lina Cavalieri, holding a finger to her mouth in a ‘shh’ motion. Her image on the reverse side reveals her winking. Take her advice: surrender to the aromatic intoxication and enjoy the silence. Top lid features coiled snake.

Sun and Moon, Scented Candle

Sun and Moon bring thyme, lavender and cedarwood into a beautiful, black and gold ceramic vessel featuring the sun and the moon in Fornasetti’s famous graphic print design. This item is part of the ‘Soli e Lune’ collection by Fornasetti

'Tea and Rose' Room Diffuser

This room diffuser features notes of rose petals and tea leaves to create a delicate and soft aroma that's hard to resist. Includes reed sticks.

Tea and Rose, Laundry Softener

Infuse your precious intimate garments and bedding with the rich aroma of tea and rose leaves.

Votive Scented Candle Set

Surrender to your senses and indulge in this set of candles by FRETTE featuring three scented candles: Flax Flower, Talc and Silver.