Picture for manufacturer Escada


In 1978, the newly born Escada brand had just came onto the scene, and its unforgettable motto with it: sproty luxury. What seems today as one of the covetable wardrobe's essential buliding blocks was always so profoundly understood, and Escada not only got it before everyone else did - it's a brand that kept developing that exact sensitivity over the years, refining it and delivering it in exquisite feminine pieces, relaxed and understatedyet unforgettable.



knitted black dress with fur neckline

The ultimate little black dress for winter. It's elegant design and the little twist in the neckline makes it a timeless piece that is wearable for both day and night.



Printed midi skirt

The navy blue baseis the perfect background for this A-line floral print skirt. Featuring a flattering waist line, this skirt is the perfect garment for a sophisticated day at the office. Match with a white button shirt for the classic and all time wining combination.