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Created in 1913 by groundbreaking artist Pierro Fornasetti, his eponymous brand succeded in creating a super distinctive design style which is recognazible in each piece, be it textile or a ceramics item. Today, Pierro's sun Barnaba is the one who keeps developing the breathtaking surrealist approach, which keeps gathering more and more fans fron every corner of the globe.

Bocca Plater

Add stunning design to your kitchen accessories with this indulgent Bocca plater from Fornasetti. Adorned with the lips of Piero Fornasetti’s favourite subject, opera singer Lina Cavalieri, this classic yet contemporary design creates a talking point over dinner. Finished with bright red lipstick, this lavish tray is perfect for serving drinks and nibbles, or as a luxury decorative piece.

Butterflies On Newspaper Plate


Fior Di Bacio Incense Kit

Fornasetti's Fior Di Bacio incense box is handcrafted of wood and styled with a glazed ceramic lid featuring the lithographic image of house muse Lina Cavalieri's lips holding a flower—a play on words meaning "the best of kisses." The incense's lush Flora di Fornasetti fragrance is a musky floral scent created by master perfumer Emmanuel Philip.

Architettura Espresso Cup and Saucer Set

Great minds discuss great ideas. Take the conversation to new heights with monumental home design. The inspiration behind this black and white porcelain cup and saucer set is driven from architectural form and design. Handcrafted in Milan with fine porcelain, the Architettura cup and saucer set features a distinct tunnel design.

Architettura Room Fragrance

Part of the Fornasetti Profumi collection, this ceramic vessel features the designer’s famous Architettura motif, inspired by the façade of a Milanese palace in sober black and white. This eye-catching and impressive design by Fornasetti certainly stands out on this ceramic vessel, and makes for a decorative, office accessory. The top lid resembles the dome of the building. Perfumer Olivier Polge took his inspiration from the Mediterranean herbs in Fornasetti’s garden and the wood used to create the furniture in the artist’s home. The result is a spicy scent of thyme, lavender and the earthy aroma of cedarwood and incense.

Bocca Lacquered Wood Chair

Let Lina Cavalieri guide you and your guests to unforgettable interior experiences. Black and white tones contrast with the striking red lips of Piero Fornasetti’s timeless muse. Made of 100% black lacquered wood, this Bocca chair is classically influenced and imbues an air of postmodern classical elegance with contemporary luxury. The slightly wider, rectangular back rest ensures comfort while four distinct legs ensure support. Discover more luxury home accessories from Fornasetti.

Classic Lina Plate No. 1

Classic never goes out of style. Perhaps the most famous from Piero Fornasetti’s Themes & Variations collections, this fine porcelain plate features the original, printed face of Lina Cavalieri, the soprano opera singer inspiring this timeless collection.

Corinthian Column Lacquered Wood Chair

Take interiors to a whole new level. This design by Piero Fornasetti is an icon of postmodern classical elegance and furniture design. Made of 100% black lacquered wood, the Corinthian Column chair features a lithographically printed Corinthian column on both sides and ends with spike shaped legs.

Drunken Monkeys Scented Candle

Spicy notes of scimmie thyme, lavender and cedarwood are the focus point of ‘Scimmie’ - or ‘Drunken Monkeys’ - scented candle. The warm and spicy aroma mixes well with the playful ceramic vessel that features a drunken monkey sitting among Fornasetti’s collection of glasses and a bottle of champagne.

Eve, Set of 8 Coasters

This 8 piece coaster set is definitely for the collector at heart. After all, one is never really enough. This black and white China set by Piero Fornasetti features a series of eight printed designs that when put together, create an image of the indulgent Eve from the Book of Genesis. Proof that art was meant to be inspirational.

Eyes Espresso Cups

Look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes, every day. This charming espresso set is modern, fresh and invigorating. Soft, delicate handles give a comfort fit.

Eyes Shut, Plate No. 213

From the Theme & Variations collection, Fornasetti’s white porcelain, Woman with Eyes Shut plate is a decorative piece featuring the iconic face of Lina Cavalieri – this time, with her eyes closed. Made of fine China, the plate boasts a contrasting grey print design on a clean white background.

Fior di Bacio Scented Candle

Interpreted as ‘the best of kisses’ this scented candle from Fornasetti Profumi is a floral fragrance with hints of ivy, white rose, orange blossom, sandalwood and jasmine. The decorative ceramic canister comes with a lid and features Lina Cavalieri’s face with flowers in her mouth and mutli-color floral motifs.

Fish Serving Set

This appetizer tray sets the standards for chic hospitality. The set features a single long tray, complete with three square dishes so you can serve up fresh seafood appetizers in style. Each piece is imprinted with a black fish.

Flora Room Fragrance

Not only is this fragrance mesmerizing and beautiful, but so it this decorative ceramic vessel that features the iconic Lina Cavalieri in the guise of Flora, goddess of fertility. It features the signature scent, Flora di Fornasetti, inspired from the Ortensia plants growing in the Via Bazzini garden outside Milan – a white floral bouquet of lily of the valley, ivy, iris, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and musk. Makes for a home accessory or an exceptionally thoughtful gift.