Pretoria Pallina Pouf

This large round ottoman Pallina Pretoria designed by Rosita Missoni for Missoni Home has a name that invites you to travel. His pattern of large white tropical flowers awakened red and purple contrast in bright turquoise background. His pop style will bring a bright and festive touch to your room.

Pretoria Pouf

The Pretoria Outdoor Cylinder Pouf 100, offers a bouquet of fun and sporadic flowers that surround the pouf in shades of white, red and green that contrast perfectly off the aqua blue canvas. Use this compact cylinder pouf as an ottoman, small seat, or visual accent and tote with ease indoors or outdoors by its black pvc handle.

Sabaudia Pouf

Make a sophisticated and stylish addition to your interior with the Sabaudia pouf from Missoni Home. Featuring the iconic zigzags synonymous with Missoni, this pouf is available in two colourways. Perfect for use as a foot rest or an extra seat, simply machine wash the cotton exterior on a low temperature or by hand with care. More Sabaudia home accessories from Missoni Home are available to help you complete a luxurious look in any room.

Safi Pouf

With its free-flowing abstract design, the Safi 481 Cylinder Pouf from Missoni Home is exceedingly modern. The sharp, ochre-hued stripes and slightly blurry undulating shapes that form the basis of this pouf's design, adorn it almost like a work of pop-art on an off-white canvas. Made from a unique and versatile viscose blend, the Safi 481 Cylinder Pouf is the perfect piece of functional art to grace the modern living room.

Samana Pouf

Throwing subtlety completely out the window, the Samana Cylinder Pouf from Missoni Home just has fun with color--all of them. Featuring a simple series of stripes displayed in almost every color imaginable, this pouf is perfect for adding character to your outdoor space. Made from a durable 100% acrylic and designed for outdoor use, the Samana Cylinder Pouf is part of Missoni's lovable Floral Galaxy Outdoor Collection.

Seychelles Pallina Pouf

Add some lovely, bright pastel colors to your modern outdoor space with the Seychelles Pallina Pouf from Missoni Home. A busy vibrant floral pattern dominates this large pouf as Missoni is wont to do, bursting with beautiful pansies, daises and impatiens for a result that will breathe life into any garden decor. The Seychelles Pallina Pouf is made from a durable 100% polyester for outdoor use and is part of Missoni's Floral Galaxy Outdoor Collection.

Suomi Pallina Pouf

Make a distinctive addition to your interior with the Suomi pallina pouf from Missoni Home. Featuring a delicate floral print against a black background, this striking design will offer a bright touch to any space in your home. With a removable cover for easy cleaning, the Suomi pouf is one of the luxurious collection from Missoni Home.

Bocca Lacquered Wood Chair

Let Lina Cavalieri guide you and your guests to unforgettable interior experiences. Black and white tones contrast with the striking red lips of Piero Fornasetti’s timeless muse. Made of 100% black lacquered wood, this Bocca chair is classically influenced and imbues an air of postmodern classical elegance with contemporary luxury. The slightly wider, rectangular back rest ensures comfort while four distinct legs ensure support. Discover more luxury home accessories from Fornasetti.

Corinthian Column Lacquered Wood Chair

Take interiors to a whole new level. This design by Piero Fornasetti is an icon of postmodern classical elegance and furniture design. Made of 100% black lacquered wood, the Corinthian Column chair features a lithographically printed Corinthian column on both sides and ends with spike shaped legs.

Greek Column Lacquered Wood Chair

This design by Fornasetti is at once elegant and entertaining. Made of 100% wood, this black lacquered chair features a contrasting grey ancient Greek column design on both sides and ends with spike shaped legs.

Storage trolley+ Cover cotton

The ultimate solution for storage in a modern and minimalistic way in your nursery. Keep your baby’s toys or diapers in this mobile and practical trolley by Theophile Et patechou.