Interior Accessories

Handle Plate Marble

SERAX marble plate with metal handle. Ideal for serving cheese and small desert patisserie. Another instrument of elegance for stylish and modern homeware. A great gift idea above all!

Karaf Copper & Glass

SERAX glass karaf with copper detail. This collection be SERAX has a middle-eastern sent rising from it. We adore it!

Large lampshade embroidered

This modern embroidered lamp will add the final touch to your baby’s room with modern and polished chic. Choose one of the soft pastel colours to complete your room’s design.

Marble Platter

Jansen+co for SERAX grey marble platter with a beautiful metallic handle. What a great gift idea for the holidays.

Marble Serving Board

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, the Chamfer marble boards family by MENU took us by surprise. A combination of fine crystal glass and black marble, designed for serving or for simply a display object - either way is a winner!

Missing packshot & ski

Minimal & Elegant, Caraf tight water pitcher by SERAX

Plate No.5

Merci for SERAX extra deep plate, the 5th of the series. “la nouvelle table” collection by merci simply makes us want to dine with style. It can also be a very chic’ish gift idea.

Plate No.6

We are so grateful for this beautiful collection. Merci for SERAX has provided us with the perfect TAPAS serving plates with this elegant minimal and ultra stylish set of plates. Color: Blue Grey